As the World Turns

Fridays 12:00 AM
As the world turns
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"February 19, 2009"

Margo questions Casey about Elwood. Casey is distracted when Matt brings Alison to the diner. Matt senses Alison's distracted by Casey ...

"October 26, 2009"

As he searches the warehouse, Jack realizes Brad has been shot. Henry stays with Katie and holds the newborn baby. Brad tells Jack that he feels funky.At t...

"October 27, 2009"

Bob finds Katie in Brad's room and explains he was shot and is in critical condition. Bob assures her he's got his best people watching Brad. Katie lays he...

"September 24, 2009"

Casey refuses to help when Tom asks what might make Adam snap. Maddie advises Alison that she came back to town. Thanking her for coming when she called, A...

"October 6, 2009"

Maeve can't rouse Holden and fears that he's dead. She takes him to the hospital where the staff mistakes him for her husband. When her friend and nurse Re...

"October 22, 2009"

Captive Katie tries to slow down her labor. Henry warns Margo that Katie and her baby are in danger. Katie imagines Brad is with her, encouraging her to go...

"July 8, 2009"

Catching her sister snooping in the kitchen, Rosanna holds out the bottle of vodka. She then asks if this is what she's looking for. Admitting she hid it i...

"September 23, 2009"

Searching Damian's hotel room, Meg finds the notes supposedly from Holden. Damian never submitted them to be analyzed. Meg shows them to Lucinda who smiles...

"January 26, 2009"

Brad and Katie have make up sex on the living room floor. After he leaves, Margo arrives with the news that Craig is marrying Carly. Wh...

"June 9, 2009"

Tom watches Margo grow closer to Riley. He confides to Casey about his concern and his son agrees. Hearing Riley was a sound engineer i...

As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: Do you just not like me?
Luke: No, I like you Noah.
Noah: Then why do you keep pushing me away?
Luke: Because...I like you Noah.
Noah looks surprised.
Luke: Yeah, like that.

Noah: You know if I do stay here, I do have one condition
Luke: Oh yeah? Whats that?
Noah: You better not hog all the covers.