As the World Turns

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As the world turns
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... As the World Turns ...

... Brad downplays it when Katie remarks that she saw Carly drinking beer and dancing wildly in her living room and suggests it's not what a woman who's dying would be doing. When Katie asks if he thinks Carly might lie about her condition, a lying Brad denies it and urges her not to focus on Jack and Carly right now....

... He then calls Carly to warn her what Katie saw.

... Complaining that she's been spying on her, Carly claims that she's just trying to help her kids and intends to get Jack to marry her tonight at her sister's wedding. When Brad won't tell her Carly's doctor's name, Katie (Terri Colombino) goes and gets it from a nurse who leaks that he's facing a possible lawsuit from a mis-diagnosis...

... Alison lets slip to Bob that Casey is back in town. As she decorates the hospital with Susan for Halloween, Kim's thrilled when Casey arrives. Her happiness and Susan's are ruined when he announces that he and Emily are together. Casey greets Katie by mentioning that she looks happily married.

... Bob urges Casey to consider a job at the hospital.

Meg reads about today's wedding and tries to get out of taking a look at another house with Craig by insisting on visiting Emma now that she's back at the farm. Barbara (Colleen Zenk-Pinter) helps a nervous Rosanna get ready for her wedding today. Meg leaks to Emma that she's not only confused about her feelings, she's also pregnant....

... When Paul returns home, Rosanna screams when he sees her in her wedding dress. He assures her everything will be fine but when he meets Meg before he says "I do," she vows to stop him from marrying Rosanna...

... Until As the World Turns returns again tomorrow ...

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