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After a bungee jump in Green Britten no longer wakes up in Green, only Red. Dr. Lee believes Britten is finally waking up from one dream and should embrace it. Britten becomes more and more agitated especially when he starts hallucinating a little man who distracts him.

After some digging Britten begins to put together the pieces, the man he is hallucinating is a cop, Detective Hawkins, Bird's new partner and the man who ran him off the road and caused the accident.

Once Britten puts all of this together he is able to wake up in Green again, and he calls Dr. Evans and tells her about the conspiracy.

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I can't believe lamawake found this episode boring and underwhelming! This was EASILY the best hour the show has done since the pilot (maybe barring 'That's Not My Penguin'). I'm not overly interested in discovering if one life is 'real' and the other not, but I did really like how the show managed its timelines and the flashbacks tonight. Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-Ux


Ten minutes into this episode and I am now totally convinced green/blue is real and red is fake. Britten gets stuck in the red reality after what seems to be an accident (something that causes him to be unconscious for an extended period of time). So then he's stuck in red where 1)He starts to hallucinate people again. 2) He found out about Rex's girlfriend miscarrying Rex's baby in green/blue,last week.( So now he can dream about Rex's baby being alive/around in red.) 3)The conspiracy becomes very prevalent in red.(Don't remember but it seems to show up only in the red.) 4) He recalls/remembers important information about the accident/conspiracy in red (His Dream state?) Overall the episode was underwhelming and slightly boring. But I still hope this show stays on the air. Needs to have more episodes like penguin though!

Awake Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I always switch, Hannah, Rex, Hannah, Rex. It's like clockwork.


I don't like trusting my life to a rubber band.