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On this week's installment...

- Sgt. Renzulli and Jamie are called to check on a party for a noise complaint. At the party, four high school students take a new drug called Mcat. Billy and two other boys overdose and die. Billy’s girlfriend, Allison survives thanks to Jamie who performs CPR at the scene.

- Danny and his partner Jackie investigate the case. The dealer, a student at St. Angelus high school, ordered the drugs over the internet. The detectives track his supplier to a makeshift lab in the back of a bicycle shop.

- To everyone’s surprise, the drugs from the lab didn’t kill the kids. The drugs the kids took were laced with poison.

- After being released from the hospital, Allison is injured by a hit and run driver. The car had a St. Angelus bumper sticker.

- Danny and Jackie track down the car. It belongs to Vice Principal Hoffman. She was having an affair with Billy and he wanted to break it off. If she couldn’t have him then no one could.  She spiked his drugs with potassium chloride. It never occurred to her that he would share the drugs with other students.

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Never thought I would not like anything Selleck does but this show is a bore. To much family and not enough action.


I liked this episode but not a fan of the use of Boss. Sounds like some mafia organisation. Surely someone in Jimmy's position would call Frank (the Commissioner) Commissioner. Other than that great episode but the Blue Templar storyline needs to get moving.

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Father: The Lord handles surveillance here at St. Angelus.
Danny: Well, you've got me on that one, Father.

If you're dating me you don't need chemicals.