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-Danny and Det. Baez are stumped when three seemingly random murders appear to be committed by the same person.


-When Erin learns that two of the victims committed horrendous crimes but had skirted the system, she realizes her friend and colleague ADA Trevor Holt tried to prosecute both cases.


-Holt is dying of cancer and is killing the ones that got away, including the first victim who had a sealed juvenile record for rape.  When he goes after a drug dealer, Danny tries to stop him.  Trevor shoots and kills himself in front of Danny.


-Frank's friend Pete, a former astronaut asks Frank to help him find a job in town so he can have a chance with his wife who left him. Turns out Pete divorced his wife and he has a serious drinking problem.  Frank tries to help him and bring his family back together.


-Jamie finds a little boy who ran away from home because of his parents fighting. He's taken to the hospital but the blood on his shirt isn't his, it's his father's.


-Linda tells Jamie that the man can't be the biological father. When Jamie confronts the wife the husband overhears and threatens to leave. Jamie talks him into staying because he's the only father the boy has ever known.


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Who played Amy, Pete's wife? I have seen her before but can no place her.


We are big fans of Blue Bloods, but the No Regrets episode was such a disappointment. Flippant and annoying dialogue throughout. What happened? Were the usual writers on vacation?


It was bugging me too, found out his name is Brian Kerwin and he's been in 27 Dress, One Life to Life, The Help, Big Love and a lot more!


Who was the guest star who was the former shuttle astronaut? What was he on before?

Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Somehow I always thought I was meant to be a Marine on the ground with a gun in my hand, not to mention Mary a vote.


The shooter either has a lot of balls or not a lot of brains.