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Zooey Deschanel guest stars this week.

The episode centers on Booth and Brennan, as they investigate the case of a man in a Santa Claus costume that attempted to rob a bank - but was blown up in the process.

Elsewhere, Brennan's father Max asks Margaret (Zooey), a distant relative of Brennan's, to spend the holidays with him and Brennan.

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Please the show can\'t be cancelled. There has to be a way to save it. Maybe the pcreuodrs can open up shop again on another network. USA perhaps? Characters are always welcome there.


omg cant wait to watch this episode it is gonna be amazing i actually cant wait

Bones Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Brennan: I have to remove your clothing now.
Booth: Why?
Brennan: Well, there may be particulates.
Booth: Particulates.
Brennan: Evidence for Hodgins and flesh for Cam.

Hodgins: Where's your chest hair?
Booth: I'm highly evolved!
Brennan: His pubic extension is entirely within normal --
Booth: Okay! Enough!

Bones Season 5 Episode 10 Music

  Song Artist
Here comes santa claus Here Comes Santa Claus Bob Dylan iTunes
Snowfall Snowfall Ingrid Michaelson iTunes
Star of wonder Star Of Wonder Matt Alber iTunes