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On this episode of Bones, the 100th in the show's history, we flash back and see how the duo first met. We watch their first case together.

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OMG just finished watching it and bawled my eyes out at the end. It's not fair!! How can it end that way!


I just can wait till next week !!! They are going to be a married couple to solve a murder :) I hope Temperance will finaly open her eyes and see that she can lobe Booth ....


Great episode, one of the best yet. Not the way I wanted it to end, but still such a fabulous episode. Great to see the history of their partnership and others develop.


It's starting in like less then 2 hours so have a great show i'm sure you're going to love it :)


I have seen it on Globaltv tonight and it was so good!!!!! I mean the end is just so freaking weird. I will not reveal the punch but you will be suprise. It's definitly the BEST episode of Bones since the start of the show. I was a little sad that it didn't end up like i want but i'm sure that the next show will be full of suprise to... well i hope. Be there tomorrow because it really really really good :)

Bones Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

I am not a gambler. I'm a scientist. I can't change. I don't know how... I don't know how.


When you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for 30 or 40 or 50 years, alright, it's always the guy who says, 'I knew.' I knew. Right from the beginning.... I'm that guy. Bones, I'm that guy. I know.