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The discovery of a Jane Doe leads the Jeffersonian team on a quest to determine not only the identity of her potential victim, but also the identity of Jane Doe.

Booth tracks down her parents in a small southern Pennsylvania town, only to have Brennan discover that those who stepped forward to claim her were not her parents at all, but had kidnapped her from a family when she was three, unaware of her condition and give her the name Amy,  and had abused her ever since. From her wisdom teeth is it determined that she was actually born in Los Angeles and had been kidnapped as a child.

Daughter attempts to run away to D.C., but her abusive kidnappers had bowling buddy kidnap her upon arrival. When the man tried to hit her she defended herself, an act which led to the man’s death.

The extraction of a wisdom tooth lead to the reunion of Jane Doe, who’s birth parents had named Samantha, with her long lost parents.

As the investigation progresses it becomes clear that Brennan feels a strong connection to the young girl and the case, which surprises some members of the Jeffersonian team.

One the Hodgela front, false labor pains gave the couple a crash course in the art of becoming parents.

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, Christ’s presence is the heat of a hhesrsooeThrust into a fire until it glowed, Your energy burned enoughTo melt iron & boil the wineInto a hard drop of crusted blood -But should your humble prophetBe still around, then he will greet youWith his broken body, A smile & a long cool drink.The example of your humanityShould be a parable to thoseWho preach humility & practise powerBut this is unlikelyBecause the world is very small& could warm up fast then break apartAt any time & crackLike a brittle biscuit,Or a goodbye kiss from a loving God. Rae Desmond Jones

Bones Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Other than feeling like the Hindenburg, I'm peachy.


They were just Braxton-Hicks contractions, I'm okay