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The Psychological Murder - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 9
"The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator"
Original Air Date:

On Bones Season 10 Episode 9, the team looks for clues in the murder of a college psychology professor.

Special Delivery - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 8
"The Puzzler in the Pit"
Original Air Date:

On Bones, Brennan and Jeffersonian Intern Daisy Wick examine the remains of a famous crossword puzzle master in the "The Puzzler in the Pit."

Booth Has Concerns About Aubrey Working on the Current Case - Bones Season 10 Episode 7
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 7
"The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round"
Original Air Date:

On bones, the team investigates a hedge fund company, and a suspect (Gil Bellows) is taken into custody.

Murder Of a Maid - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 6
"The Lost Love in the Foreign Land"
Original Air Date:

When a maid is murdered on Bones Season 10 Episode 6, her wealthy boss and her illegal status complicate the investigation.

Brennan Attends a Forensic Science Convention - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 5
"The Corpse at the Convention"
Original Air Date:

Cam, Angela, Hodgins and Brennan attend a forensic science convention on The Corpse at the Convention, Bones Season 10 Episode 5. Read about it here.

The Video Game Murder - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 4
"The Geek in the Guck"
Original Air Date:

When a rich video gamer is murdered, everyone close to him becomes a suspect. Booth and Brennan also discuss Christine's future on Bones.

Booth's State of Mind - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 3
"The Purging of the Pundit"
Original Air Date:

On this episode of Bones, Brennan worries about Booth's state of mind and his abliity to trust. Meanwhile, they investigate teh dead of a talk radio host.

Brennan and Booth join Daisy at a memorial service for Sweets - Bones Season 10 Episode 2
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 2
"The Lance to the Heart"
Original Air Date:

In this episode of Bones, Booth, Brennan, and the rest of the team work to solve Sweets' murder and put an end to the conspiracy against Booth.

Booth Behind Bars - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 1
"The Conspiracy in the Corpse"
Original Air Date:

Booth ends up behind bars in the season 10 premiere of Bones on Thursday, September 25th.

Facing the Media
Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 24
"The Recluse in the Recliner"
Original Air Date:

When Booth is questioned by a Congressional Subcommittee, he faces unexpected consequences on the season 9 finale of Bones.

When you watch Bones online via TV Fanatic you will discover the we have provided you with many different ways to view the series online. You can watch and keep or you can watch and go. It is all a part of the experience when you watch Bones online. Find out what Temperance Brennan and Seely Booth are up to when you watch Bones online. See if their teammates are on their toes or if they need a swift kick in the pants by Brennan and her acerbic wit. Wit? Well, it can be considered downright rude behavior if you want to know the truth. Bones probably has borerline autistic behavior and when she lays into someone she can come off a cold and quite aloof if not down right mean. But that's not the reality of Temperance Brennan, as you will discover when you watch Bones online. It took a while, but the flirtatious behavior between Brennan and Booth finally won over and romance bloomed. Then it didn't. Then it did. Romance seems to be a byproduct of working at the Jeffersonian. But why am I telling you that when you will see for yourself when you watch Bones online.

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