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Mike, Walt and Jesse deal with some major business problems on this episode of Breaking Bad.

"Dead Freight"

Will Walt and company be forced to cease operations this week? They are in need of some necessary materials.


Walt celebrates his birthday this week, and receives a major shock from Skyler in response to the occasion.

"Hazard Pay"

Marie confronts Walt on this episode of Breaking Bad. Elsewhere, the new team moves forward with its business operation.


We learn more about the company behind Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad this week, as Mike steps to the forefront and Walt carves out a new plan.

"Live Free or Die"

Walter White has won. Now what? That's the question on tap for the season five premiere.

"Face Off"

It's all come down to the season four finale for Walt, Gus and Jesse. Who will survive?

"End Times"

Walt scrambles to protect his family this week, while Jesse learns a key piece of information and Hank leans on Gomez.

"Crawl Space"

Skyler is further stymied in her attempt to help Ted with his monetary problems this week on Breaking Bad. It just gets worse from there.

Walt doesn't show up for Walt Jr.'s 16th birthday this week, while Jesse is tested in the absence of his former mentor.