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The wedding in Hawaii is postponed because of a hurricane. Justin is relieved, more than anything. But Rebecca and Holly think they should get married in Malibu, instead of postponing the date. Justin is losing it.

He goes to an AA meeting because he's feeling so out-of-control, which is mature and responsible of him. But of all people, David is there. He's apparently a recovering addict too, which is news to us, but it's also not the point. After hearing Justin pour his heart out, David tells Justin he'd better be 100 percent committed to Rebecca.

Justin snaps at Rebecca about how overwhelmed he is. He confesses about his med school grades and says she put him in an impossible situation with the baby. He stormsout.


Nora invites Simon to the wedding but he can't come because he's soliciting donations for his organization. He jokes that unless Nora has $100,000 lying around, he's off to Portland in the morning. She says that she does. Nora tells Simon she wants to give money to his project. It's very sweet.


Kitty is getting an important MRI about how the cancer treatments are going, while Robert is officiating the wedding. They discuss his ceremony speech and it's really beautiful. The results of the MRI are... not so great. There's been noticeable growth in her tumors. But Kitty lies about it to Robert, saying they have to wait until Monday for the results.

She then convinces him (once the wedding is off, which it was for a time, more on that in a bit) to go to Washington for an important vote on climate change.


Tommy has arrived for the wedding with Elizabeth in tow. It turns out he didn't tell Julia he took Elizabeth to California, which is kidnapping because his custody agreement says he can't leave the state with her. Kevin realizes he has to call Julia and he seems to patch things up, which he does, but it doesn't go over well.

Rehearsal Dinner

Justin is late because he's sitting in his car, pondering what the hell his life has come to. He hears an accident and starts treating a little boy who was hit by a car.

At the house, Julia shows up to take Elizabeth back. Kevin and Scotty let Elizabeth stay with them for the night and Scotty convinces her to try to move on.

Rebecca thinks Justin skipped out on her and tells everyone that Justin isn't coming because he doesn't want to get married. Dinner and wedding are off.

Laster, Justin shows up at Rebecca's to talk to her, talking about doubting himself but that he never doubts them. She gives him a chance. Wedding on.

The Wedding

Nora  gets a call from Simon that he can't make it. He skipped town with her money, basically, is what we're led to believe.

Kevin and Scotty show up with Elizabeth and Tommy is so happy. There's a great musical montage.

Saul is now presiding over the wedding since Robert is gone.

Rebecca runs down the aisle, Kitty reads an e.e. cummings poem... and collapses. Fade to black.

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