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Dr. Karl invites Nora over to his home to watch a documentary on PBS. Will they be more than friends?

Luc’s mother wants to come see him, but he's resistant to the idea. Too bad, because she journeyed from Paris to Pasadena! Sarah is thrilled. Luc, not.

Gabriela says she’s come to town to repair their damaged relationship. She also makes time to meddle in Nora’s relationship with Dr. Karl.

Nora returns the favor by inviting Sarah and Luc over for dinner. Gabriella will make her son’s favorite Moroccan meal (hers).

Dr. Karl called. His cable is out. So Gabriella invited him over for dinner, too. Nora is freaking.

When Dr. Karl arrives, he’s stunned to be in the presence of THE Gabriela Laurent, star of the French film The Rhapsody of the Flesh.

Luc isn’t coming. Sarah is upset. Dr. Karl rushes to her side to comfort her.

Scotty catches new bartender Justin sucking face with waitress Kimberly. Kevin says his brother has also macked the sous chef.

Justin has it all under control since both women work at different times. But then Angie switches shifts.

He shows up at Nora’s place to catch Gabriela dancing on a table in front Dr. Karl. Not even she can resist him. Soon Gabriela and Justin are dancing atop that table together.

Then they’re caught kissing just as Luc arrives.

Luc is extremely upset by what’s happened with his mom. Luc storms out of the house with Sarah close behind. The dinner party is over.

The next morning, Nora is surprised and happy to learn that Dr. Karl wants to be more than just friends.

Sarah understands that Luc is angry with his mother but she doesn’t get why he can’t talk to her about it. Luc gives Sarah the full 411 about Gabriela’s past antics.

Luc and his mom eventually make amends. They celebrate by watching a movie, The Rhapsody of the Flesh. Nora and Dr. Karl check out the same flick at his place.

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Anyone know where I can find the music in this episode?


Want to know who the artist is in the background of Luck in his studio? Original episode 11-14-10


Great recap and great show. This was one of my favorites of the season. Just the right balance of humor, Walker craziness (love "Sonia Braga is the Walkers on steroids") and good old B&S angst. For everyone who has ever been embarrassed by their parents, or those worse off who have been traumatized by them, the show just gets better and better and more relatable. So great to finally see what makes Luc tick. Hopefully we get lots more Mama Laurent at the wedding, holidays, etc.


Did we see the same show? Worst episode since the invasion of Mexico. Justin looks like a 14-year old after first sex..he is a 30-year old divorced man making out in the storage room with some ditzy waitresses. Luc, terrible as ever, eclipsed by his mother...how unpleasant can one be? and thirty years of misunderstandings and heartbreak all undone in just a few minute..absolutely ridiculous...and Sarah has become the new Scotty, telling Luc what to think and feel...and to top it all off, somehow everybody ends up with a copy of an ancient French movie...Where is this show going?


Sarah Bareilles - Breathe Again from her new album Kaleidoscope Heart...love the album!


Sara Bareilles "Breathe Again"


Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of the episode, "rhapsody of flesh"?

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You could not give me a real family when I was growing up. And now that I finally found one, you come and tear it apart!


You can't mix Leonard Bernstein and the queen of the gypsies!