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Dana Delany is back this week. It's the conclusion to a two-part episode that has her character helping Castle and Beckett find a serial killer.

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Okay, I have one question, and it's completely rhetorical, because I know it's not true, so don't go slamming. Why. The. HELL. Did they have to do that at the end of the previous show? I nearly peed my pants when I heard the "Goodbye Nikki" and then saw the explosion, Castle yelling "KATE!" I mean, we all know she can't die. It's like, physically impossible. She's BECKETT for crying out loud! There is no CASTLE without BECKETT. That would be like telling me that I am even REMOTELY normal--which, by the way, I'm not. Okay, that's about it. Had to get that out, sorry. lol

Castle Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Castle: If something were to happen to me I want you to watch out for Alexis. She looks up to you, and if a worth man would get frisky you can shoot them.
Beckett: Nothing is gonna happen to you.
Castle: But if it does...?
Beckett: Ok.
Castle: And would you also go into my closet and get rid of my porn collection before she finds it?
Esposito: Don't worry, Bro. I got you covered in that.

Castle: Are you in any pain?
Beckett: Well, not nearly as much as you. It's killing you, isn't it?
Castle: What?
Beckett: Having to wait this long to tell me how you banged down the door.
Castle: You want me to start from the beginning?