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Abed and Troy battle over competing blanket forts this week, while Britta dates a student who is only enrolled as a corporate stand-in for Subway and Jeff tries to make amends with someone named Kim.

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(comment continued) The show acknowledges the value of diversity in a friendship, but in truth Troy has changed to resemble Abed more than the converse. Other than seeing this as merely an indicator of either compassionate adaptability or weakness of character, I think serious attention is being paid to a real social phenomenon: the plight of the High School Jock at college. Troy's re-invention of himself is more than common for those like him as power dynamics shift under the influence of the demands and situations of a more cerebral environment... a transition that occurs against a wider social shift from brawn to brain in that demographic. I'm genuinely excited to see where they go with this: ham-fisted writing or faux mawkishness might blur the lines of a clearly long-thought thematic stream, but the possibilities presented by the use of war to represent social poles may echo 'Modern Warfare' and the sublime Paintball epics. It got real up in that memory cave.

Community Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Pierce: I assume you are familiar with the Greendale bylaws.
Dean Pelton: I am not.

All difficult things are better. Like carrying a disease. Or holding a fart right now.