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- Annie accidentally shatters Troy and Abed's special edition of "The Dark Knight."

- Shirley is secretly awesome at Foosball and Jeff wants to learn from her.

- Annie pretends the apartment got robbed to avoid confessing about the DVD.

- It turns out Shirley was Jeff's childhood tormentor.

- Abed is back as Batman. 

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TV shows like Hell's Kitchen or A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila You see how the competitors speak their thuhogts in front of the camera about whatever is showing on tv. How does that happen? Do they get pulled aside during the show or do they get pulled out after the show and watch what was recorded an then share their thuhogts about it?


Dave / Sorry Alexeem I couldn't redagsie with you more. This episode was rubbish. The forced connection between characters on this show reached an plumbed new depths with this one. It felt forced, unrealistic and not at all emotionally resonant for me.The two walking away arm in arm was beyond awful and the anime sequence while different felt so out of place and inconsequential as to render it pointless. Perhaps my vitriol seems high but this show could not feel less interesting or fun to me than it does now.There's a high chance after this episode that it will be joining HIMYM as a show I used to watch, not stellar company.

Canadian mike

sorry meant to say one more episode till I say goodbye

Canadian mike

Love this episode. Shirley and Jeff together was simply great, and abed as batman was pretty funny too. I love this episode, it was simple and enjoyable. While I am a huge Britta far, leaving her out was probably not a bad idea for this episode. The ending was pretty cute too. Goodbye Community ... for now :(


STRONG ep. The only downside was the lack of Pierce and Britta throughout the show, which they kinda made up for in the opening (Not to mention the complete lack of Dean and Chang, homie don't dean this), otherwise solid show and funny as always.

Community Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

He only has the one eye Jeff, I can't exactly buy him a cat monocle. It's pretentious.


Pierce: The question is who am I doing this weekend?
Jeff: He's asking because he's already forgotten. It's nobody.