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On the season finale of Community...

- Troy solves the murder of Vice Dean Laybourne and decrees that air conditioning school must act like a real school. He can do that because he's their Messiah.

- Abed went Evil Abed for a bit, in response to Troy being away, but Jeff made a passionate speech about friendship at a trial to decide whose name should go on Shirley's Sandwich Shop and it turned Abed back to normal, while inspiring everyone to be better people.

- Jeff also ended the episode looking up his father online.

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I just can't see Britta as being good, though, she ctreainly tries to do good in service of her various causes, but in the end it's all self-serving. I might have been a little unjust calling the Dean evil though, you've got a point there. Thanks for stopping by!


‎"When the world goes bad enough, the good go crazy. But the smart... they go bad" AMAZING QUOTE FROM EVIL ABED, please post it... is still buzzing on my brain!

Community Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Abed: I'm reading the novelization of The Chronicles of Riddick.
Evil Abed: Can you really say that's a saner decision?

Britta: Shut up, Leonard. I know about your crooked wang.
Leonard: No such thing as bad press.