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The BAU travels to Kansas this week to investigate some mysterious tornado-related deaths. Also, JJ gets bad news from home.

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i would like more Hotchner.LOTS MORE. HIS VOICE IS GREAT.

Josie leeds

Uhhhmmm....would the good Dr. Reid have a clue what to do with a girlfriend?


Just love Hotch! Need to see more of him and Jack as well as a love interest for Reid. Morgan needs a girlfriend too! Rossi and Prentiss both need a love interest as well. JJ is doing fine, she's cool.


Please more of Hotch and Jack together.....with Garcia and Morgan and her new boyfriend. And isn't it about time that Spencer has a girlfriend?????Love the show would never miss it ..... see reruns every night.


pls make more scene with morgan and garcia, i just loved these two when they
are together. i don't miss an episode of criminal mind in fact i bought all
the episode in dvd that is series 1 to 5 coz series 6 and 7 is nopt jet here in

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Hotch: This could be a sexual predator.
Morgan: An extremely violent one, especially if the UnSub is responsible for the damage done to the bodies, especially those missing limbs.
Prentiss: Now he could be keeping the body parts for some sort of fetish.
Garcia: Ew, okay that's my cue. I'm here if you need me, with my binary machines that don't say gross things.

Agent Hotchner: What concerns me is the brief period between kills.
Agent Rossi: Only a week, he's moving fast.
Hotch: We need to move faster. Garcia get me ID's on all the victims.
Garcia: I'm a gale-force wind.
Hotch: Wheels up in thirty.