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Larry and Jeff meet with an inventor about an idea that he wants funding for.  The invention is a car periscope for drivers to be able to see ahead of the traffic in front of them.

LD and Jeff also attend a party in NYC and Larry meets a famous judge from tv.  Upon meeting him, Larry finds a one-armed man playing Scrabble with the judge.  The one-armed man was destroying the elderly former judge, but when the judge's son comes in the room, the one-armed man had left so Larry was blamed for it.

While trying out the prototype for the car periscope, Larry and Jeff find the one-armed man on the street, but he ends up getting away.  When they finally catch him, later on in the episode, the one-armed man bumps into the judge, and knocked him over.  The man gets into a cab, and Larry with his arm now in a sling, is blamed for it.

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just not very funny and contrived plot, not what Curb used to be,way too predictable imo

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm still at the same e-mail...ihatelarry.


He's gonna change your life. And a life that sorely needs changing.

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