Damages Season 3

"You Haven't Replaced Me"

This is the seventh episode of the third season. It's titled "You Haven't Replaced Me."

"Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck"

We learn more about Stuart Zedeck on this episode. Aptly, it's titled "Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck."

"It's Not My Birthday"

This week's episode is titled "It's Not My Birthday." We've a complete rundown of events from it.

"Don't Throw That at the Chicken"

This week's episode is titled "Don't Throw That at the Chicken." Read on for a detailed recap.

"Flight's at 11:08"

Mysteries continue to unravel this week on Damages. We've got a detailed recap of events.

"The Dog is Happier Without Her"

This episode of Damages is titled "The Dog is Happier Without Her." During it, Patty looks deeper into the Tobins.

"Season 3 Premiere"

Damages is back for a third season. We recap the returning episode right here and now.

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