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The women get angry at Bree this week after Chuck questions them about Alejandro's disappearance.

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This episode was one of the best, and darkest of Desperate Housewives, I really felt sad and at the same time on there shoes. It felt a little Pretty Little Liars season 2 part 2. I know Bree didn't kill her self or if she is going to at the last moment Renee well appear to stop her. And as for ho hit chuck I am guessing its Mike, Bree, Ben, Andrew or Orson. It well be a huge surprise and twist if its Tom. They had separated them and destroy there lives so I am really hopping they find a big way of putting them together...


I really felt sad for Bree.
Gaby annoys me a lot I think all of her attitude drove Carlos to alcoholism, she was acting like nothing happened, true the creep of her stepfather raped her, but still killing someone isn't something you just wipe of your mind specially if you are a good person and Carlos is. I am really hating Gaby this season.
Lynette annoys me I mean letting go os someone you love isn't easy but she manipuleted Tom into getting Tom into that Job what NOW she hated it so she wants him to leave it? who gets her? she's never HAPPY why can't she dress better? Lynette always has to get her way, I rerally get why Tom got fed up.
I feel sorry for susan she felt so cornered in this situation she is a good person who thought was doing her idiot friend a good favor when Gaby only thinks of herself.