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-Danny, an aeronautics engineer is offered a generous severance package when he is laid off from Grantham Based Aeronautics but he refuses to accept it.

-Danny reveals to Kate that the aircraft he designed has a flaw that could cause it to crash but the company is covering it up. 

-Justin tells Kate the justice department can't do anything without evidence but that Danny could be arrested if he tries to take the evidence and is caught because it is company property.

-Kate discourages Danny from stealing the evidence but he does it anyway and is arrested but they can't find the thumb drive on him.

-Kate goes back in to negotiate and finds the drive in a model airplane where Danny hid it.  She flies it out the window to Leo who gets it to the justice department.

-Ben is sued by a client for not presenting an offer for a $250,000 settlement. Lauren is furious and insists on supervising the case.

-Ben later learns that the opposing attorney let his client know about the offer which could get her disbarred and gets a $1 million settlement but then convinces his client to go to trial where he believes they can win much more.

-Ben then reminds Lauren that he is also a partner and doesn't need supervision.

-Justin and Kate talk about their love of justice.

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I'm SUPER excited for pisoasn to come out! I found out 'bout the fallen series over the summer of 2010. When i found this book i wanted to know more 'bout this book. When I found out more 'bout this book I thought that it would be awesome so my mom toke me to like every libary and we couldn't seem to find it cause it was ethier not in yet or someone already checked it out so I was pretty bumbed so when I did find it I started reading it and it was like REALLY good! It toke me awhile to finish but I loved it! so when toment came out my mom went the store and brought back a copy of the book the same day it came out! torment left it with a cliffhanger and left me guess on whats going to happen between Luce and Daniel! i'm soo excited to find out what happens in pisoasn and can't wait to read it!

Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Is that gyros? For breakfast?


She has no pop tarts, no waffles. I mean how does a person live without waffles?