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Gary is still going out with Mrs. Plummer and is unable to seal the deal.  Allison, meanwhile, is flirting with her sexy yoga instructor, Seven, and is still unable to seal the deal herself.  When Gary goes over to fix Allison's garbage disposal, the sexually frustrated ex-couple find their way back into bed.  Twice.

Allison insists they go back to Dr. Kramner for couples counseling who tells them they're sick.  At Allison's party, Gary brings Mrs. Plummer as his date and Allison brings Seven.  However, soon the couple finds themselves in the kitchen making out.  When they get into a loud argument, the whole party soon learns they're sleeping together.  The episode ends with the two of them winding up in bed together.

Meanwhile, Gary's half-brother, Mitch (Rob Riggle) is still in town and makes some bold moves.  He moves from the couch to crashing with Tom in his bunk bed.  The two of them have a funny power struggle throughout the episode.

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