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- Marnie must deal with the consequences of Charlie finding her journal.

- Hannah tries to proposition and then extort her boss.

- Jessa meets up with an ex.

- Shoshanna gets an eyeful.

- Marnie and Charlie must decide the future of their relationship. 

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Write a comment...First off, I got way excited when I heard "Infinity Guitars" by Sleigh Bells at the beginning of this episode, and then was even happier that they used it again when Marnie heads to the coffee shop to talk to Ray...love that tune! Anyway, as for the episode, I loved the Hannah/boss thing - I've totally seen scenarios almost exactly like that in the workplace, that totally hit home in an uncomfortable but hilarious way (I've actually been the Jessa in this scenario with friends..i know, i know...). Also, speaking of Jessa, I love her, and how she's always good for a great line or two per episode, and I loved the "I did you a favor!" comment about the Vespa int his episode

Girls Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I think journal implies a 13 year old girl who rides horses, and is obsessed with her mom and it's not what I'm doing.


Okay I don't wanna split hairs here, but it's not a journal, it's a notebook. It's notes for a book.