Sharing Secrets
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 12
"Two Plane Rides"
Original Air Date:

In the Girls season 3 finale, Hannah gets news that could affect her career and change her and Adam's relationship.

Hannah Asks for Help
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 11
"I Saw You"
Original Air Date:

Marnie sings at an open mic night where her friends are in attendance and Hannah asks Elijah for help completely an assignment on Girls.

Going to Extremes
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

Hannah goes to extremes to see if Adam is still interested after he fails to react when she doesn't come home after a night out with coworkers on Girls.

The Hospital Visit
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Hannah is taken aback by an odd request from her mother when she goes to visit her grandmother at the hospital on Girls.

Hannah Gets a Warning
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Hannah gets a warning about Adam's new career path while Marnie is intrigued by Adam's new friend on Girls.

Lena Dunham Picture
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 7
"Beach House"
Original Air Date:

Marnie invites the girls to a beach weekend in the Northfork. Things get heated when the girls have a few drinks.

Hannah's Cubicle
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 6
"Free Snacks"
Original Air Date:

Hannah writes for GQ magazine but doesn't fit in to the corporate environment while Shoshanna has second thoughts about breaking up with Ray on Girls.

The End of Her Book
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 5
"Only Child"
Original Air Date:

Marnie asks Ray some hard questions while Hannah looks for a new publisher as she tries to smooth things over between Adam and Caroline on Girls.

Faced With Tragedy
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 4
"Dead Inside"
Original Air Date:

Hannah's friends can't understand why she seems more worried about her book than a recent tragedy on Girls.

Hannah's Birthday
Watch Girls Season 3 Episode 3
"She Said OK"
Original Air Date:

Hannah's 25th birthday party takes an unexpected turn when Adam's sister shows up on Girls.

Girls Quotes

Marnie: I want you. I know I'm a mess, but I want you. I want to see you every morning. I want to make you a snack every night. And I eventually want to have your little brown babies and eventually I want to watch you die.
Charlie: That's all I wanted to hear.
Marnie: Is it?
Charlie: I love you. Maybe I'm an idiot for it. But I always have. Everything good that I try and do I do because of you and I try and get away but I just keep coming back. And that's because I love you.

To Hannah, taking her next step through a series of random steps.