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Chuck and Blair are still reeling from last week and the awful situation he put her in, and wants forgiveness for. He says they're inevitable, and he may be right. But ...

It's not that simple, of course. They still dispute who’s at fault for what happened with Jack, and his plot to throw Dorota a lavish wedding to win her over may not fly.

Vanya and Dorota happily wed, with Chuck and Blair as the "happy couple" that the ceremony requires participate. But after, B tells C she can't be with him anymore.

She just loves him too much.

Meanwhile, Jenny is doing all she can to break up Nate and Serena, and Serena is not helping her own cause by secretly meeting up with none other than Carter Baizen.

Nate catches them sneaking around and S lies. Later, S explains to Nate that Carter knows something about her dad, and after distrustful Nate tells her not to see him.

At Dorota’s wedding, Carter shows up and tells Serena that he knows where her dad is and has been this whole time: Palm Beach, Florida. He also bought her a ticket.

When Serena learns he held out on that info for a week just to have an excuse to see her, she goes to Florida solo, though, and calls Nate to tell him she loves him.

Jenny answers the phone and S asks Jenny to please have Nate call her, and to relay that message. Yeah. No way that's gonna happen there, S. What is J's deal?

Eric and his new crush, Elliot, are also featured this week. E learns has a girlfriend, but is actually bisexual ... with a crush on Eric. Hopefully that works out for E!

Finally, Rufus can't get a hold of his wife and CeCe won’t tell him where Lily is either, despite her claims of going to Canyon Ranch. Rufus remains clueless at the end.

The final scene? Serena knocks on the door to what we assume is her father’s hotel in Florida, and Lily answers, wearing nothing but a robe. Wow. Amazing stuff.

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i hope chuck and blair go back toghether i lovethem


i bet B and C are just actin 4 dorotas behalf when really B wants to kill chuck. they'll probs have a full blown argment in front of everyone and then blair'll storm out of the room. then chuck'll go and find her and apologise. then she'll ask him 2 take her home in the limo. so he does then she falls asleep on his shoulder *awww* and then when they get to her dorm or the waldorf apartment chuck wakes her up and she kisses him, then tells him that she wants to spend the night with him. chuck agrees and they kiss and recreate the limo scene :) but thats just in my messed up head lol :D xoxo


Carter's back! Cool.
Dorota and Vanya getting married! Awwww. Chuck and Blair belong together. They may need time to fix this, and however/whenever they do, I'm happy. They totally love each other and they always will. And Chuck will make this up to her someehow. He will. =D


i cant believe that Jenny is doing all that to Serena.. I hate her so much... please someone just kill her.

Boxing kangar00

I hope we get more nate/jenny scenes
Chuck should stay he fuck away from blair. I hope Blair slaps him again, this time from me.


If Chuck and Blair will close everything, I'll die .-.


OMG. Poor B. I almost cried when i saw the end of the episode. They better make up at the end of the season. I think they do because there's a spoiler with Chuck on top of a building with a bunch of flowers. I hate Jenny too she's so selfish trying to ruin everybody, first Blair then Vanessa then Eric and now Serena.


i hate jenny. but i feel bad for her. she never gets nate. and he is like her knight-in-shinning-armor! i hope chuck and blair get back together, but only after 2 episodes of him suffering and begging to take him back.... blair should make him jealous for like 2 episodes, only. more than 2, it'll be sad!


I really want to see chuck's nightmare!!!!
What he did is really going to eat away at him, Blair make him suffer. Keep it mean to keep him keen haha. They will get back together eventually, the writers are not idiots, they just know what makes the audience tick. EW. IF CHUCK AND SERENA HAPPEN, THEY WILL DESTROY CHAIR FOREVER.


i don't like serena either, i'm so over her. she has become what lucas scott and peyton were in One tree hill. I thought I would hate Blair because of how she acts but this season i kinda started to like her.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Dorota's family. She practically raised Blair!


Blair: [to Chuck] I don't like who I've become with you.
Chuck: Wait, Blair, don't bail on me, we have to see this through to the end.

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Midnighter Midnighter The Champs iTunes
Song Full Moon Kiss Santina
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