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When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.

Meanwhile, Nate invites Lola to move in with him, and Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage.

Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life…will it be Chuck or will it be Dan?

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Please I love the song of the video!! Someone know the name? thx


CHAIR OR GTFO! if you are rooting for DAIR...die -_-


funny that the sex scene with Dan and Serena next episode seems familiar. erm, Season 1 w/ Nate, who happens to be Blair's boyfriend that time as well.


Blair needs to come clean about her true feelings. She is still in love with Chuck, Dan never had her heart. How can you been in love with someone 5 seasons then your not. Please nobody turns there feelings off like that. Blair and Chuck all the way. No dumb stuff finish this season off the right way. I hope Chuck asks her to marry him. He is truly the one for her. She is the one for him. Dan and Selena get them together she was his dream girl. Just stay real to the show. Peace


Congratulation Chair fans you win.big Dair fan big time but congrats to blair and chuck.Very disapointed that she lead Dan on which she never cared for him at all.Stupid Dan sleeping with Serena.Very pissed of Dair fan.Is there any chance that dan and blair still have a chance I really don't know.


i like dan ! dan go go fighting!


OMG !!! PLEASE !! PLEASE ! for the love of God !! Chuck and Blair should be together !!! Please Dan and Blair?? it's just ... uGGGHH!! horrible !!
Chuck and Blair should be together forever! it's like they were made for each other!!!! pleasee!! it should be chuck bass! CHAIR forever!!




Ok seriously Dan and Blair fight every single episode and I'm sick and tired of it!! Just get Chair back together and it will be the best Gossip Girl season finale ever!! Go Chair!!


Please, please, please can Blair choose CHUCK! IF SHE DOESN'T I WILL SCREAM AND DIE... THEY WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER :)

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.