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It was Rush Week on Greek on Monday night. The event earned this week's episode a solid 4.2 rating from our critic.
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In the latest episode of Greek, titled "The First Last," the guys compete in a Greek Gods of Golf tournament, and the ladies battle it out in a Greek Goddess Beauty Pageant. Check out our review, complete episode recap and favorite quotes!
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Tonight's Mardi Gras themed episode of Greek, called "The Big Easy Does It" was quite the party indeed! Check out our recap and the quotes section to catch up on it all!
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We've reviewed the latest episode of Greek, titled "Your Friends and Neighbors," where a professor and his family moves next door to the Kappa Tau house. Check out the review and complete recap for all the details!
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I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!


But it's not the end of the world. Don't you read the scriptures I leave on your pillow? There will be signs.