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Monroe helps Nick hone his weapon skills in the forest. Nick asks Monroe how they can get out of dinner with Juliette since their entire relationship would have to be lie around her. Monroe suggests they just bend the truth instead of fabricating an entire story. Things don't go as planned.

Meanwhile, a gruesome murder leads a Wesen to call the reapers to come kill the Grimm while Nick tries to find the murderer. Nick is able to put the murderer in jail and defeat the two reapers that are dispatched.

Monroe and Nick decide to send the reapers a message and return both reapers' heads to their leader.


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Nick spends an afternoon practicing his hand-to-hand combat and then knocks off two powerful, skilled assassins while hardly breaking a sweat? Come on! Maybe Nick has Slayer powers that haven't been mentioned so far. That would certainly help explain why Beavers and Rats fear him so much. Otherwise, his only superpower is that he can see Beavers and Rats for what they are, which is not very impressive. Also, Juliette looks pretty dumb by the end of this one. Lois Lane-level dumb. Glasses on, glasses off.


So many good things tonight! I loved the weapons' training, the beaver lodge meeting, and the dinner with Monroe (who simultaneously confused and charmed Juliette). And, I literally cheered the last minutes of tonight's show: I've been waiting for Nick to kick some major a**es (yes, there was Adalind last week, but she walked away afterwards), and he did not disappoint. Wonder how Nick's message will reverberate over the next 3 weeks? Does Reynard have a clue about what happened? Will Juliette ever find out why her living room is filling up with goodies?


I love this show! It is becoming better and better every week.

Grimm Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh my God, dude, you took out two reapers.


Nick: I think I need to send 'em a message.
Monroe: I think you do too, and you know what? When it comes to sending these guys messages two heads are better than one.