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- Jane accidentally gives her vacation money to her housekeeper.

- Jane tries to steal the money back, but ends up giving her and Brad's trip away.

- Max plays Santa and discovers he has a heart.

- Dave cashes in all of Alex's homemade gift coupons.

- Penny throws a charity event.

- Max saves Penny from a mugging.

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The set-up for the Jane/Brad storyline was a bit blah, but they sold the hell out of it. Wayans and Coupe are such a strong comedic team. MVP has to be Alex and Dave for making a relatively realistic storyline amusing and poignant (yay for the kiss). We focus on both these couples, and discuss our disappointment with Max in our recap here http://wp.me/p1VQBq-81. Let us know if you agree...


i already love this episode based on the title! haha

Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'd rather be surprised by a disappointment than happy with what I expected. It's why I never ask if a pool is heated.


Egg nog is delish! Dairy and liquor are really one of those underrated combinations.