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Hart of Dixie celebrated Planksgiving this week, a special pirate-themed version of the annual turkey-based holiday. This one featured fish.

It also taught Zoe a lesson about how to be there for one's neighbor, as she started the hour only focused on meeting her 30% quota for the quarter and ended it having met that quota, but also having diagnose a boy and helped his father maintain his hardware store.

Elsewhere, George turned down an offer from his father to go work at his firm in Montgomery because, simply put, the Tuckers are awful people. They lied and tried to manipulate George into joining the practice, only to eventually admit they just wanted to use him to help a large, franchise hardware store on the outskirts of town make a move into Bluebell.

Finally, Lavon convinced Wade to admit he has feelings for Zoe, but he didn't get a chance to share them with her.

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That is so cool and I am seriously jeoluas - I am from NYC but living in Australia where they have never even heard of a dixie cup. I can still remember the dispenser in our apartment and using dixie cups when we brushed our teeth. Every time I see someone mention them on the web or use for an activity I get nostalgic. Such a bizarre thing I am sure...


My Podcast world opened with WoW Insider Show with Mike & The T, but didn't care for that one since they left. I swtiched over to the Instance very late, and every time I heard Scott & Randy, I was happy.Only this morning on the train I listened #216 and heard the news, and I was like not another duo splitting up/going away *sadface* .But now, before listening #217, I read the comments and saw the news about T, so I'm 76.3% happy again!Now I'm gonna go and listen #1 #216 again, I wonder how long I'll last


I love that little pirate boy. So cute, and a great actor, what has he been in before?