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Haven's Haunted House
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 6
"Real Estate"
Original Air Date:

On Halloween night, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke all end up trapped inside of a local haunted house on Haven.

Audrey's Protecting Criminals
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 5
"Double Jeopardy"
Original Air Date:

On Haven, a female vigilante forces Audrey to protect the local criminals...and Duke.

Duke Assits Audrey
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 4
"Over My Head"
Original Air Date:

When there's a sudden increase in ocean related deaths, Audrey begins to investigate on Haven.

Haven 'The Farmer' Pic
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 3
"The Farmer"
Original Air Date:

Audrey hasn't told Nathan yet about The Hunter meteor shower and the possibility of her disappearance during it.

Nathan Wuornos Photo
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

Claire Callahan arrives in Haven this week. What sort of shenanigans will arrive along with her?

Haven Season 3 Premiere Pic
Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 1
"Season 3 Premiere"
Original Air Date:

Nathan and Duke look for Audrey on the Haven Season 3 premiere. Read on for a recap.

Haven Quotes

The guy threw a manhole cover at me, okay? I'm just sayin'.


Nathan: You just punched me against the room!
Duke: Yes, that's true.

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