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"The Lord's Day"

Eva ends up caught between Elam and Mr. Toole while a new arrival stirs up trouble on Hell on Wheels.

"The White Spirit"

On Hell on Wheels, Elam sets a plan for the future while Cullen and Lily fight to keep order of the work crews.

"Purged Away With Blood"

On Hell on Wheels, Cullen helps an old comrade while Durant tries to save the railroad.

"The Railroad Job"

On Hell on Wheels, the future of the railroad is in danger as Cullen's past catches up with him.

On Hell on Wheels, after a tragedy occurs Cullen must handle an internal threat.


On Hell on Wheels, when Sean and Mickey's lives are endangered, Cullen fight to keep control. Elam and Lily must clean up a mess of their own making.

"Durant, Nebraska"

On Hell on Wheels, Durant must face a serious threat to the rolling city while Elam and Lily decide to work together after a horrific crime.

"Viva La Mexico"

Durant and Lily steer the railroad further west on the Season 2 premiere of Hell on Wheels. Cullen and Elam, meanwhile, end up on opposite sides of the law.

"God of Chaos"

It's the season one finale of Hell on Wheels. Look for Cullen's past and future to collide to close out the first season.


Cullen and Lily are thrown together this week, due to a looming railroad demand. Elsewhere, Joseph and Elam deal with the consequences of their violent mission.