It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Its always sunny in philadelphia
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Dee tells the gang she's pregnant and one of them is the father from a Halloween party they can't remember.  The guys bring in help from each other, Artemis, and the McPoyle twins to try and recount the night to figure out who the father is.  They get it narrowed down to Dennis (gross), but Dee reveals it's none of them.

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Always Sunny has never let me down and never gets old! I record every episode in HD with my DISH Network employee account. Although the McPoyle twins did great in this episode, my favorite would have to be the Eagles tryouts! The awkward “bump it� is the best!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Mac: I browned out that evening.
Frank: Browned out? What's browned out?
Mac: It's when you drink so much that everything goes brown. It's not as sever as a black out because I remember bits and pieces. I call it browning out.

Dennis: It's fatness, plain and simple. It's a person becoming fat before your very eyes.
Charlie: And I don't even know how to make the bird jokes anymore. They no longer apply.
Dee: I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!
Mac: I feel like you say that all the time now.
Frank: You better do yourself a favor and flush it out.
Charlie: Wait a second, you definitely said that before.
Mac: Since we're all saying things we say all the time. I'll just reiterate. Dee, we don't care about you, or your body, or that baby bird.

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