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Sammi's return to the shore house leaves Ronnie at a loss for words. What else is new. Fortunately, there is no knock down drag out fight. Yet.

Snooki's feelings for Vinny continue to deepen but they get in a major fight when he brings home some other girl, though they make amends.

The Situation hooks up with a girl who he's convinced smells like cheese but doesn't realize he's been pranked in a major way. Team Sober FTW!

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...to all you people who are saying "after what Ron did to Sammi": the blame goes both ways in that relationship. Sammi was just as much a bitch to Ronnie over these 3 seasons as he was to her. Yeah he threw her stuff out the window or whatever, but she needled him, nagged him, attacked him over nothing, over and over and over again, until he exploded... Sammi was killing him with a thousand paper cuts. It's just that now, he's too much of a p-whipped wuss to admit that's what happened, so the narrative on the show is "what Ron did to Sammi". I'm not saying that they should be together. They both have to chill out and calm down. But it's not only Ronnie's fault that it got to this point. What IS his fault is that he thinks he is still (or ever really was) in love with her. As for Snooks and Vinny, it's clear that Vinny's just not that into her. End of story. Snooks, you've got to accept it and not blame him for feelings he does not have. And Vinny, stop leading her on.


No sammi should not give ronnie another chance what he did was wrong.although she might later on he needs to know that what he did was wrong i think she's liking the single life. And snookie and vinny should give it a chance cause we all know the have some feelings for eachother


i agree snooki and vinny should deff give it a try because i feel like both have a lil something for each other and sammy should stop trying to act hard because we all know shes in love with ronnie.


no way Sammi should kill Ronnie's ass after what he did to her, but apaz she take shim back in the which is beyond annoying. But they break up later


I think snooki and vinny should give it a chance......sammi should give ronnie a second chance.....

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Hestatic is when you're super happy and like really happy.


I was just starting to find myself and then [Sammi] walked through the door and I was like FML.