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- Dax and Violet chase after Becca.

- Giancarlo helps Becca escape.

- Becca and Paul finally meet face to face.

- Maksim shoots Azimoff.

- Suspect Zero is revealed.

- Michael and Oksana get help and meet Martin.


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I actually love that this is a show for adults. It is predictable at times but is still better than most of what is on tv.


This show started with promise, but sadly it's just really bad.


How is this show getting good reviews. Acting is so bad and the plot is predictable. Refuse to watch to it any further, looking forward to it being cancelled.

Missing Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Miller: You working with us?
Martin: Only on the condition that she isn't harmed.
Miller: You're in no condition to bargain.
Martin: You need what I know.

I am not a traitor but I am gonna find my son.

Becca [to Violet]