Missing Review: The Truth

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In a word: wow. Answers are what we wanted and "Answers" are what we finally got on this week's dynamite installment of Missing.

The episode started with the usual BS struggle between the CIA accusing Becca of something while she was desperately just trying to find Michael.

Giancarlo Helps Becca

Last week, Violet strangely set up Becca's escape and then stabbed Head CIA Lady Whose Named I've Been Informed of But I Just Don't Care Enough to Really Use. I'm still not really clear about what Violet is up to here aside from trying to screw over Becca. She seemed to know who Maksim was when she pointed him in Becca's direction but as we saw at the end of the episode, Maksim was never trying to hurt Becca.

I have to say that this episode literally had me on the edge of my seat, yelling at the TV. First of all, there was no way that Becca wasn't going to notice Giancarlo was wired. I'm so glad that was immediately settled. Moving on. Then we finally got Paul in the flesh and not a flashback! When Becca was running through the cemetery I was actually yelling at the TV "It's Paul!" Their fighting and talking sort of reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

So Paul was working undercover against Azimoff and his cover was blown. He was trading the stock certificates to get Michael back. The struggle in the church went down. Before I continue, I wanna flash over to what's happening with Michael.

Michael gets Oksana to a hospital in the nick of time. At first I was wondering why he didn't immediately alert the American embassy the second he knew Oksana was okay but then realized he was smart and he already did that. My bad. Martin offered to retrieve him and this was the second time I was suspicious of him in the episode. The first was when he so casually admitted something sounded suspiciously like Becca in the beginning. Isn't he supposed to be on her side? 

I mentioned last week that there was speculation that Martin could be Suspect Zero and lo and behold, when Maksim got the phone call on Azimoff's phone, Becca put it together and confirmed it. Her mentor, the man who walked her down the aisle, trained her in the CIA, the Godfather to her son, was running the biggest crime ring in Europe and was behind her son's kidnapping. So as I said in the beginning... wow.

What did everyone else think of this week's episode? Hit the comments - and return early next week for my interview with the traitor himself, Keith Carridine!


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Aww, I was hoping Violet was suspect zero. I guess she's not old enough, lol, didn't think about that but... Martin seemed so geuine, I wasn't happy. I loved "measure of a man"- and this one was almost as good... I had a bad feeling the whole time I was watching Michael though. I thought maybe the girl might recognize Martin and scream or something.




Does this story make any sense? The CIA sends a MARRIED w/children agent on a deep cover assignment for TEN YEARS and the mission keeps going after his handler RETIRES but doesn't replace the handler with anybody else? If Martin was still Paul's handler and Martin only wanted Paul dead, he could EASILY have maneuvered him into a position for Azimoff to kill him WITHOUT the ridiculous kidnapping. Azimoff's trackers were good enough to find the farm where Michael and Oksana were hiding out but NOT good enough to find them lying out in plain view? (Or good enough to think, "Gee, I shouldn't leave the keys in the ignition.")


i guess they are back on the search for michael.. AGAIN.. SO FREAKIN CLOSE.


so what is up for michael and oksana now that martin has them? and what his excuse to the cia? omg, i just cant believe they are trying as hard as they can just to pin all this on becca and michael.. why them? why are they doing all this to them? they dont deserve it. especially michael. UGH i need more answers. i sure as hell dont like the ones i was given so there better be more to give or reasons explaining them.


It's Keith not David Carridine. I'm not too surprised that he is Suspect Zero but I thought he might be Becca's biological father.


i wonder if this means that Maksim will help Becca in getting her son back?


A surprise that was an actual surprise would have been nice. I'm not claiming to have KNOWN that Paul was undercover, or that Martin was "suspect zero", or that Giancarlo would never betray Becca, but the first was a fair possibility and the other two were almost sure bets. Even Maksim killing dad wasn't that much of a shock, although I'll admit it was unexpected. Certainly, Violet's killing of Ortega last week was a bigger deal. "I'm still not really clear about what Violet is up to here aside from trying to screw over Becca." Violet works for Margin, AGENT Zero. She doesn't know that Maksim wouldn't hurt Becca; even Maksim's late dad didn't know this. Her role in the past couple episodes was to ensure that Becca was either killed or incriminated, throwing the CIA off of his scent.

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Missing Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Miller: You working with us?
Martin: Only on the condition that she isn't harmed.
Miller: You're in no condition to bargain.
Martin: You need what I know.

I am not a traitor but I am gonna find my son.

Becca [to Violet]