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Modern Family Season 3

"Baby on Board"

On the Modern Family season finale, Gloria is able to help Mitch and Cam on their quest to adopt a baby as Jay and Manny get Lily prepared for her dance recital.

"Tableau Vivant"

On Modern Family, the family's bickering takes its toll on Alex's school project on family harmony.


On Modern Family, everyone takes a group vacation to Disneyland but nothing goes as planned.

"Planes, Trains and Cars"

Phil goes car shopping without Claire and Jay travels to his high school reunion with Gloria and Manny on Modern Family.

"The Last Walt"

Wilfred Brimley guest stars as Cameron's father visits. Clair must help Luke deal with the death of his elderly friend on Modern Family.

"Election Day"

It's election day on Modern Family. Everyone gets involved to help Claire with her seat.

"Send Out the Clowns"

Cameron is reunited with his former clown partner this week after a mentor passes away. Bobby Cannavale guest stars.

"Leap Day"

Cameron's birthday coincides this week with Leap Day, which means Mitchell has to figure out some exceptional way to celebrate it.

"Virgin Territory"

Phil discovers something disturbing about his daughter this week, while Gloria learns a secret of Claire's.

"Aunt Mommy"

Phil, Claire, Mitch and Cam get wasted this week, which leads to a night of major over-sharing.

"Me? Jealous?"

Greg Kinnear guest stars this week as Phil's new business partner. And also as someone who hits on Claire.

"Little Bo Bleep"

Claire takes on Duane Bailey in a televised debate this week. Elsewhere, Jay is concerned about Stella.

"Egg Drop"

Luke and Manny must protect an egg for a school project this week, Claire and Jay get involved in that competition. Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam continue the adoption process.

"Lifetime Supply"

Benjamin Bratt is back this week on Modern Family. He takes Manny to a horse race for his belated birthday celebration.

"Express Christmas"

It's time for an early Christmas on Modern Family. The members all take on various tasks this week in order to celebrate the holiday together.

"Punkin Chunkin"

Josh Gad guest stars on this week's episode of Modern Family. He plays an Internet billionaire who stops by to visit Claire and Phil.

"After the Fire"

A neighbor's home burns down this week, and the family springs into action. With hilarious results.


Chazz Palminteri returns this week, while Jennifer Tilly and Leslie Mann both guest star on "Treehouse."

"Go Bullfrogs!"

Gilles Marini guest stars this week as a man mistaken for being gay. Elsewhere, might Jay and Gloria need to have The Talk with Manny?

"Hit and Run"

Manny is stressed about school work on Modern Family this week, while Mitch and Cam get into a small car accident.

"Door to Door"

Jay gives Manny a hand with a fundraiser this week, while Phil and Luke are all about the creation of a viral video sensation.

"Phil on Wire"

Phil and Luke enter the world of tightrope walking this week. Elsewhere, Jay gets extra close to his dog.

"When Good Kids Go Bad"

Mitch and Cam plan a nice evening with the family this week because they have news: they want to adopt another child.

"Dude Ranch"

It's off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on the Modern Family season premiere. You can imagine how well this goes.

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