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The team receives a tip that Dom is alive. They have 24 hours to release a captured terrorist leader or he dies.

Unfortunately, whatever U.S. government agency has the terrorist isn't talking. So they're at square one.

Hunting down clues, they see that Sam's old buddy Mo is involved with the group holding Dom for ransom.

They conclude that he's in the Sudan ... or Chad, or Somalia. Sam wants to get in the air and figure it out later.

Callen is not so sure.

Hunting down leads to try and figure out where he's held, they find a prominent financier who they think might be tied to the terrorists.

In a performing arts center, they attempt to smoke them out ... and we learn Dom is right there in that same building.

Right there in L.A. Hiding in plain sight almost.

With Mo's help, he's able to free himself, and escape to the roof, where Sam, Callen and Kensi are in a major firefight.

Sadly, Dom is shot and dies before a medical helicopter arrives and they can all escape together.

The rest of the terrorists are taken out by Sam, Callen and Kensi.

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why was dom dressed paki - style while all the other ''terrorists' were somewhat american??? and i'm sad to see jamal leave the show, very underused.


Nicki - it's not how many wounds you have - it's where did they hit you! Great episode - cleared up Dom and the other kid. BUT, why was Dom on for so short a time?


Should have left Dom missing. Very disappointed they let him die.
what a shocker!!!!!


After the abduction of Dom, I thought maybe he was always intended to be a "throwaway" character. Then they brought in Deeks and I KNEW Dom would NOT be returning. I think though that him getting shot was not what was wrong, having him die when he got shot less times than Callen and Callen had lived. They could have had him live but have been paralyzed or something to where it would make him no longer able to be an agent or restricted him to office work.


Me, I don't think Hetty will leave, her filmography counts 41 episodes in NCIS LA, but Eric has only 22 episodes... Think he's perhaps next.


I am angry that they killed Dom!!! He should have had a chance....


i didn't want dom to die. does he have other real life commitment. i thought he was cool. is that other cop coming back? i forgot his name, but he had a good sense of humor. but dom was the best.
i love o'connel andll cool j and the whole show. hetty can not leave either. thanks for the great entertainment.


I'm already leaning towards not watching this just because I don't think Dom's character was handled well at all. He was essentially dumped after he was kidnapped, why bring him back only to kill him? So pointless... And now, it looks like Hetty will be leaving too. Guess I'll have to find something else to watch after NCIS.


I do not get the reason to bring Dom in and then kill him off. I really enjoy this show but if Hetty leaves it certainly will not be the same show.


This was a very emotional episode. I don't like the way Dom was introduced and then killed. It was too stressful for me and it pissed me off.