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Deeks is shot in what appears to be a targeted hit and the team rushes to find the hit men before they finish the job.

Kensi keeps watch over Deeks at the hospital while Callen and Sam track down leads in the shooting.

Eric locates the hit men and they are in the parking lot of the hospital where Deeks is recovering.

Sam and Callen rush to the hospital where a shootout ensues and the driver is killed but the other man gets away.

The team finds the two men are gang members for hire. Once they find the other man they realize this is bigger than just a couple of thugs getting revenge on Deeks.

Using a burned phone they found on the driver Eric manages to discover the phone number of the man that hired the hit.

Callen goes undercover to entrap the mystery man that hired the gunmen but Deeks and Kensi soon realize Deeks was just the bait and one of the other team members is the real target - her.

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Loved this episode... granted I like Deeks a lot (no matter how goofy he might be, he always, ALWAYS come through when they need him) but I like the way he and Kensi's partnership is developing and I like that the other two are coming to accept they can depend on Deeks regardless of what they might personally think of him. Did you see the look on their faces when they saw that Deeks (not the LAPD officers they called for) was with Kensi? I was not expecting the targer to be Kensi and I thought that it was all tied in very nicely with the episode "Black Widow". Great job.


i really love watching this show i really like to watch LL Cool J and Chris O' Donnell they really great i wish they could come to trinidad through.