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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2

Hetty's sudden resignation prompts Callen and NCIS the team,to investigate the reason why she would disappear in the hopes of tracking her down.


A Navy SEAL imposter is set ablaze on the upcoming episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Deeks resumes an old alias he is not fond of in order to protect his best friend and chief informant from a criminal group that wants him dead.

"Rocket Man"

After a rocket engine expert is killed, Eric goes undercover for the first time to ensure that the classified technology used to build satellites is safe.

Kensi goes undercover as a thief in the hopes of uncovering the object that a world-class thief intended to steal.

"Enemy Within"

NCIS investigates whether the life of a Venezuelan politician is in danger after a Navy Intelligence Commander who is responsible for tracking his moves suddenly disappears.

"Harm's Way"

G. and Sam go undercover again in this episode, this time in Yemen in a continuation of the story arc from "Lockup."

Deeks' morning routine is disrupted when he is shot during a convenience store robbery, leaving Callen and Sam to investigate whether he was the assailants' intended target.

"Empty Quiver"

Hetty and the rest of the team try to expose the inner workings of an illegal operation while putting themselves at risk.

"Tin Soldiers"

"Tin Soldiers" is the 15th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles' sophomore season. Synopsis and recap to come soon!

Sam goes undercover as a prisoner to track down a terrorist group responsible for several bombings around the world.


The second NCIS: Los Angeles episode of 2011 and the 13th of the show's sophomore campaign. Synopsis and recap to come soon.


The first NCIS: Los Angeles episode of 2011 and the 12th of the sophomore season. Synopsis and recap to come soon.

Kensi connects personally with a discharged Navy Intelligence officer suffering from post traumatic stress disorder who is the sole survivor of a deadly dispute being investigated by the NCIS team.


Hetty and the team search for Cole's killer and the black book before the Russians get it. Kensi is taken hostage and an elaborate ruse is hatched to save her.


Hetty's past is explored when our favorite shot-caller is forced to personally confront a suspect at the Hollywood Bowl.

The team questions suspects when a bounty hunter is on the loose. What the find comes as a surprise, even by their standards.


When a federal agent is murdered in a shootout in downtown Los Angeles, the team members from NCIS' field office call in to investigate.


After a downtown Navy Recruitment Center is held hostage, Callen mediates with his ex-partner, Tracy Keller, to uncover information about a hijacked shipment of Spike missiles.

"Little Angels"

A videotape revealing a Naval Commander's daughter being buried alive strikes a nerve with Sam and thrusts the NCIS team in a race against the clock to save the girl.

"Special Delivery"

The OSP and NCIS: Los Angeles team receive a surprise even they didn't expect in the fourth episode of the second season.


Callen, Sam and Kensi jump into action when video surveillance footage shows an ambush on a humvee transporting Marines in the desert.

"Black Widow"

In part two of NCIS: Los Angeles' two-hour second season premiere, the team hunts down a professional hit squad who just took out one of their own, and tries to determine their next target.

"Human Traffic"

The second season of NCIS: Los Angeles kicks off with a two-hour premiere and another missing agent. This time it's Det. Deeks, who's gone deep cover ... probably a little too deep.

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