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After a rocket engine expert is killed, NCIS tech operator Eric Beale goes undercover for the first time to ensure that the classified technology used to build satellites is safe.

It turns out that it was a complex plot hatched to obtain satellite technology and that the owner of the rocket company was killed with sinister intentions, not in an accident.

A rocket launch explosion is faked, and the criminals make off with the tech.

Eric is nearly killed at least once, and the team is forced to take down the bad guys in a typical shootout, but all is right with the world, and Eric earns some serious kudos.

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Did you two watch the show it was a Navy Rocket on a Navy base


This episode of NCIS was horribly researched. It is amazing that Hollywood completely ignored its Aerospace research that would have been easily accessible to the writers. The episode was an insult to anyone who has ever worked for the Air and Space Industry, who has any idea what goes on out at Lancaster, etc. If you're going to write a show, don't get the majority of the facts incorrect. I also agree with the comment that this was not a case for the Navy to have been investigating.


this episode had nothing to do with NCIS. It shouldve been the feds or local police not ncis. Unless I missed something.