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After Tony's confrontation with Rivkin last episode, the NCIS team flies to Israel for a final showdown. Once there, they aren't exactly welcome by Ziva's father, the head of Mossad. As the hour goes on, Gibbs must make a tough choice as the situation gets even more complicated.

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This episode is literally painful to watch.


to the cast n crew of N C I S. hi i,m mathew from brisbane queensland australia i must say love your show best show on down under cant get enough of it i even have my 12 yr old daughter watching it we r only up to season 6 love ya,s all keep up the good work u r all great how about a trip down under by u all sum time u all tc n gd luck with future shows thanks mathew


I love NCIS ,, I hhave a question though,, Whats gunna happen to Ziva she is like my favorite character well other thna Abby! I wish Ziva & Tony would just date already, but after what happened in this season who knows!!


Gibbs absolutely rocks. He is the most exciting character on TV. Please make sure nothing ever happens to him. He is like one of the real heroes on TV. Tony, Mcgee, Ziva, Abby, Palmer and of course one of my favorites, Ducky, all rock. This show is absolutely incredible and is the best "Better watch TV shows" ever. I watch all the reruns and on USA and record them when I can't watch them.

NCIS Season 6 Episode 25 Quotes

Gibbs: Yeah, Gibbs.
McGee: Hey boss, how's Tel Aviv?
Abby: Forget Tel Aviv, how's Tony? How's Ziva? Are they talking yet?
Gibbs: They're fine Abby.
Abby: I take that as a no. So how's Israel?

McGee: Gives a whole new meaning to fried hard-drive, huh?
(McGee chuckles, Abby stares at him)
Abby: How many times have you told that joke today?
McGee: None! (Abby gives him a look) Maybe once or twice.
Abby: Newsflash McGee, now is not the time for haha's, ok?
McGee: Sorry.