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The team is called to provide security detail to the daughter of the Defense Minister when there is a failed assassin attempt on his life.

His daughter, Adriana, currently in grad school in DC, wants nothing to do with our team following her around.

Chaos ensues when Adriana is kidnapped and our team soon discovers she was part of the her kidnapping in an attempt to prevent her father from signing a treaty.

Her colleague along with her professor was also part of the plan.

However, her colleague got greedy and the staged kidnapping gave him the perfect opportunity to capitalize off it.­

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Even tho Gibbs and his team found the kidnapped girl, caught the kidnapper, proved Adriana staged her own kidnapping, and uncovered who was behind the assassination attempt on her father, Vance still looks unhappy at the end of the episode.
That's understandable. After all, if Gibbs' team make a habit of breaking the rules and going behind Vance's back, that does not reflect well on him as a director. On the other hand, I wonder just how did Vance expect Gibbs to "rectify the situation" if the team was ordered not to investigate? Especially when you consider that he was threatening to take Tim and Tony's badges. He ought to know Gibbs better than to think that Gibbs was just going to sit on his hands and hope the FBI would solve the case for them and save McGee and DiNozzo's jobs.


Very good. Think the directors are trying too get us used to the idea that someone is leaving the team :( wish i wish would not happen and beg to please leave the team like they are!