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The lead witness in a death penalty murder trial goes missing, so DA Gail Walsh enlists the help of NCIS to find him before the judge grants a mistrial.

The accused is Franklin Hayes, once a private investigator who lost everything, mugged a brother and sister in an alley and ended up killing the sister.

They interview Matthew Gray, brother of the victim, who implores our team to find Jerry. NCIS tracks down Jerry, the witness, who went into hiding after receiving a threatening DVD.

Gibbs suspects that Walsh is hiding something and decides not to tell her that they’ve located her star witness. Visitor logs to our suspect indicate that Hayes been meeting with a Smitty Brown, a dealer who wants to keep Hayes in prison.

He was going to use Hayes in prison to help run his black market drug and weapons dealing. Smitty wanted to stop whomever was harassing Jerry and ran into Joe Casey, they guy who made the threatening video to Jerry.

Smitty claims self-defense when Casey shows up dead.

Jerry, while still in protective custody at NCIS, is driving everyone crazy with his ability to accurately breakdown everyone’s life.

Walsh was actually hiding the fact that Smitty was her informant and they shared an intimate relationship. But the person behind harassing Jerry was none other than Matthew Gray.

He wanted the judge to grant a mistrial so that Hayes would be set free. This way Matthew could avenge his sister’s death by killing Hayes himself.

While all this is happening, Tony is not acting like his normal self, due to a reexamination of his priorities, which concerns Ziva and McGee. ­

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This was a really good episode. The only unfortunate thing about this season is that the writers have apparently slipped back into their lamentable (and getting old)routine wherein the first three or four episodes of a new season heat up (another word is "tease") the Tony/Ziva relationship only to have it put on the backburner and completely discounted by mid-October. The dialogue changes from the suggestive and intimate to denials and put-downs. This now appears to be standard operating procedure. I don't know if the writers have become lazy or are just out of ideas but this is less than satisfactory for a series with a viewership that is well-versed in past storylines and demands continuity -- not stagnation and repetition. Also, now that Tony and McGee appear to have traded body fat indices, I suggest that Ziva give serious consideration to her South Beach friend.


i loved this episode. the tiva scene was a classic and the ending was fantastic


Loved the "Turkey Dance".


I had the thought of "It's a Wonderful Life" remix as I was watching. The talkative irritating psychologist witness was a great character, between moving Jimmy to tears and irritating Gibbs and that he was in on Tony's denouement was just great. The lawyer was a drag, but then most NCIS lawyers are a drag. M Allison Hart is bound to return and have no luck with Gibbs again, or at least until she gets a dye job and has red hair


I loved the ending it was great!


The greatest show on TV. There are a few shows that will go down in history as being the best and this is one of them. Love this show.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Tony: Agent McGee, probationary agent to be good morning.
Ziva: Looks like Tony.
McGee: Doesn't sound like him.

Gibbs: Facebook. That's that thing that some people... do stuff with?
Ducky: The term is social networking.