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NCIS investigates the death of P.O. Edward Alston when his shot body is found in floating in hot tub in an abandoned house in the Norfolk area.

Alston wasn’t killed in the hot tub but rather drowned somewhere else, shot, and then placed in the hot tub. It is very suspicious to say the least.

His wife reveals that her husband was recently commissioned to work on a secret special assignment and thought was being watched.

Ducky discovers remnants of a hundred dollar bill in our victim’s mouth that proves to emit low-watt radio waves and contained a tracing powder.

In other words, something the CIA would be involved in.

Abby reveals that the salt and filtered water found in our victim’s system indicates that he was most likely killed in the hull of a ship.

Based on the impression of the unique steam control valve Abby links Alstons’s place of death to a British Royal Ship berthed at Norfolk.

This complicates things as the crime scene officially took place on British soil. Peter Malloy, British Royal Marines, seems apprehensive about letting the team onboard as they are gearing up to set sail soon.

Gibbs also interviews CIA Operations Officer Loretta Tennison, who reveals that Alston was involved a CIA mission to deliver cash to Afghan warlords.

Tony and Ziva are finally cleared to check out the hull of the ship and find blood as well as traces of the CIA money powder that was found on our victim.

Tennison confesses to Gibbs that Alston mission was to guard the cash while on the ship and Malloy was to coordinate the drops.

However, something went wrong and now the CIA is out $3 million.

Malloy isn’t who he says he is but rather MI-6, Secret Intelligent Service to the British Government. Malloy show ups at Gibbs' house and throws a stack of the traced bills on the table and says he’s been set up.

By using the cash, and Abby's discovery of traces of pollen in our victim linked to a remote island that houses a CIA station, the victim is linked to Tennison, who stole the money and killed Alston for getting in the way. ­

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I quit watching NCIS when I saw Gibbs with the wrench. He is not a Marine. There is no honor in what he did. He does not respect the rule of law nor sovereignty of a foreign vessel. He should have been charged and put in jail for committing sabotage.
Why was he wandering around without an escort. Surely, he would have an escort at all times while aboard any US Navy vessel unless he was part of ship's company.
Gibbs is no better than the thieves and murderers he hunts down.


To answer your question at the end of the review Gibbs never locks his front door. In the episode Outlaws and Inlaws Tony and Franks got into an argument about how there is no lock on the door so why would he knock.


The story line was good apart from the fact that there seemed to be no research into what a Royal Marines uniform looks like, the uniform Major Malloy was wearing was nothing like a Royal Marines uniform, in every respect! The programme makers have no problem getting hold of authentic US Marines uniforms, why could they not take the same care in getting an authentic Royal Marines uniform, they are actually quite similar, and absolutely certainly an ex US Marine (Gibbs) would certainly be familiar with a Royal Marines uniform. We trained together often enough.! Probably not a big cause for concern for most, but there are lots of of us ex bootnecks on this side of the pond.


This was a good episode with a good who-dunnit. There was an awkward moment though when Gibbs sabotages the British Ship and then TELLS Tony he did it with a large wrench in his hand. This is NOT Gibbs MO, he always has his team guess about things like that. I found it jarringly out of character. Otherwise, a good ep.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Ziva: Apologize.
Tony: What for?
Ziva: For being you.
Tony: Sweetheart, if I had a dollar for every time I did that, I'd be loaded.

Vance: Agent David, have you ever been to Zurich?
Ziva: Several times.
Vance: Good. Today you're Switzerland. Between England and the U.S.