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Searching For an Abducted Teen
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

When a Navy Captain and his family are attacked, a teen girl ends up being kidnapped and Tony is unhappy when Ziva starts making plans with a mysterious man on NCIS.

Target Practice
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 7
"Shell Shock, Part II"
Original Air Date:

The second half of "Shell Shock" continues with Gibbs helping Westcott recover his memories enough to track down this terrorist before he strikes again.

NCIS Crime Scene Investigation
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 6
"Shell Shock, Part I"
Original Air Date:

When a Navy Lieutenant who recently returned home from the Middle East is found dead from a brutal attack, the NCIS team questions the victim's friend, Marine Captain Joe Wescott.

Jackson Gibbs Pic
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire's Ferrari and the investigation leads the NCIS team to discover a link to a man Gibbs was named after.

Tony and Abby #2
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 4
"Lost at Sea"
Original Air Date:

CGIS and NCIS team up after a helicopter crew is reported adrift at sea and later discovered on shore. The agents must then determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot.

NCIS Ready to Rock!
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

While on medical leave, Ducky orders the exhumation of a Navy commander's body from a case closed 12 years ago, then takes on a different role in the investigation.

Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

When the body of a missing NCIS facilities manager is found four months after disappearing on the day of the Navy Yard bombings, the team is assigned to investigate the strange case for one of their own.

Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 1
"Extreme Prejudice"
Original Air Date:

After Dearing's bomb destroyed NCIS headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect.

Gibbs Mulls it Over
Watch NCIS Season 9 Episode 24
"Til Death Do Us Part"
Original Air Date:

Shaken by terrorism, the NCIS team faces devastating surprises on the ninth season finale, which features Palmer's wedding and the culmination of the arson-terror arc.

Agent David
Watch NCIS Season 9 Episode 23
"Up in Smoke"
Original Air Date:

The NCIS team analyzes what secrets could be in the hands of a terrorist targeting the Navy when a high-tech bug is found inside a probationary agent's tooth.

NCIS Quotes

Boss, would you mind sitting with me?


Salim: [re: truth serum] It will not take long for it to start working.
Tony: You're gonna be dead soon, you know.

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