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-Nick and Jess, eager to focus on their new romance free of the distractions caused by their roommates, take an impromptu Mexican beach vacation.

-Lacking money, they sleep on the beach. When they decide to sneak into a nearby resort, Nick gets arrested.

-Jess heads back to LA to round up Schmidt and Winston, to get together the funds to bail Nick out of Mexican jail.

-After some confused bribes, the gang finds Nick is safe and sound in "resort jail"-- a nicely furnished room at the resort.

-Schmidt, unable to decide between Cece and Elizabeth, continues to date both women, while letting each believe he has dumped the other.

-Winston struggles to complete an extremely simple puzzle.


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LOVED this episode! What a relief to see that Nick and Jess are excited about their relationship, dedicated to making it work. It could've been written the predictable way with them doubting each other and being all awkward with one another. But the writers figured out that it's better to be original and let the audience have fun with Nick and Jess, instead of wincing constantly over awkward pauses and moments. Schmidt's dilemma is a big one, but I've gotta say that I loved his relationship last season with Elizabeth. At long last he finally seemed happy and was always smiling with Elizabeth, never did that much with Cece. But overall I LOVED the oh-so-many romantic moments between Nick and Jess. Sweet relief indeed!

New Girl Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Where have you been? I am having a major life crisis, and you guys are, what, just driving around, French kissing each other like a couple of Dutch hookers?


Puzzle me this then, Winston-- how do you live with yourself?