Are you ready to watch New Girl online? We don't blame you, in fact, we think that's an awesome idea. When it comes to Jessica Day's actions and decisions, along with the classic moments brought to us by the band of brothers (so to speak) that she goes through life adventures with on the FOX comedy, it does not get much funnier. So, go watch New Girl online now!

Less Than Perfect - New Girl
Watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 4
Original Air Date:

On New Girl, Jess decides to prove to the guys that she is not shallow by going out on a date with a man with a mico-penis. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Coach decide to try out modeling.

Dad's New Girlfriend
Watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 3
"Julie Berkman's Older Sister"
Original Air Date:

Jess's father visits with his new girlfriend who turns out to be Jess and CeCe's rival from high school on New Girl. Meanwhile. Schmidt convinces the guys to take part in a focus group to land a big account at work.

Jess Gets a Lesson - New Girl
Watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

On this episode of New Girl, Jess gets advice from Schmidt on how to properly date on the internet. Cece, Nick and Coach decide to get high right before meeting Winston's police academy friends.

Who's That Girl? - New Girl
Watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 1
"The Last Wedding"
Original Air Date:

On the New Girl premiere, Jessica Biel and Reid Scott both guest star as attractive wedding guests.

Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 23
Original Air Date:

On the season 3 finale of New Girl, Jess and Nick convince the gang to join them on a cruise.

Sabotaging the Dance
Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 22
Original Air Date:

Jess encounters trouble when she chaperones the school dance on New Girl.

Hiding the Truth
Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 21
"Big News"
Original Air Date:

Jess and Nick struggle to hide their break-up during a dinner celebrating Winston on New Girl.

The Long Night
Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 20
"Mars Landing"
Original Air Date:

Jess and Nick discuss very different ideas about their future on New Girl.

Playing Volleyball
Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 19
"Fired Up"
Original Air Date:

Jess hires Coach, and then is forced to fire him on New Girl.

Finding a Balance
Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 18
"Sister III"
Original Air Date:

Jess and Nick move into Nick's room and get on each other's nerves on New Girl.

You have come to the right place to watch New Girl online, and we are happy to assist in this worthwhile endeavor thanks to the number of options we have made available on TV Fanatic. Click away, sit back and relive the latest hilarious installment as you jot down as many rules for True American as you can. What is the latest with Nick and Jess? Or Cece and Schmidt or Winston and Coach? And what are they all getting into trouble doing this week, along with whatever big name guest star stops by the show? No comedy on TV delves into as many real life issues and heartwarming moments while being as patently ridiculous as this one, which is really why you owe it to yourself to watch New Girl online. Early and often. There are too many great lines to even appreciate in a single viewing a lot of the time. Go ahead and try to make sense of the shenanigans now and then be sure to thank Elizabeth Meriwether at some point, because she (with a nice assist from Zooey Deschanel) is the genius woman responsible for everything you see here. Honestly, there's not a whole lot more to say, other than you should go watch New Girl online and either see what you're missing or revisit some of the classics!

New Girl Quotes

I'm gonna bake a cake so moist, girls are gonna be like, 'Ewww, why did you say moist? I hate that word?' and I'm gonna be like, 'Taste the cake!' And they're gonna be like, 'Damn, it's moist!'"


Nick is so, so, so hot! I want to rub my face on his face!