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The Bravermans have a yard sale.

Jabar is diagnosed with a wheat allergy, and Jasmine dates the doctor.

Adam and Kristina are having a girl.

Zeek encourages Drew to ask out a girl on the street, and shows him some moves.

Sarah keeps trying to mother Amber from afar.

The family throws a baby shower for Kristina and Adam.

Adam goes to bat on behalf of Alex, and the charges against him are dropped.


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It is well with my soul by Daniel Martin Moore


Has anyone found the artist who sings the "peace like a river" song? It sounds like Paul Simon but I am not sure....


In yesterdays episode there is a version of the song "when peace like a river" playing in the background. who is the artist


Not sure if he can post until after the show has aired (tomorrow) :-)


I'm disappointed to find the recap consists of ten words

Parenthood Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Not to sound skeptical, but a wheat allergy, it seems like it's the snuggie of diseases...everyone has one this year.


I gotta ask you a very serious medical problem, Jabar. Have you been farting a lot lately?