Parks and Recreation

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Parks and recreation
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It's finally time for the Harvest Festival this week, but things get off to a bumpy start.

Because the event will take place on land that is sacred to a local Indian tribe, word gets out that the carnival is cursed. Reporters converge on Leslie and ask her to comment on something she tries to blow off, but has difficult with once Lil Sebastian - the town's famous mini horse - goes missing.

The team sets out to find him, which is made awkward because Andy hasn't replied to April's "I love you" with anything but "Awesome sauce."

Fortunately, it all gets worked out in the end: Andy reciprocates properly, Sebastian is discovered in the corn maze, Leslie assures Ben that he does not bring back luck everywhere he goes and the Festival goes very, very well.

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Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Andy: God, I swear.. it's almost like they don't want you to win.
April: Well, you better practice. You gotta win me a teddy bear.
Andy: I'm gonna win you a million teddy bears.
April: Well, I want a billion teddy bears.
Andy: Well, that's a little unrealistic. This is a hard game.. Two million.

The statement that this reporter has is a question.

Perd Hapley